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Reading Partnership Planning Sheet

Help keep reading partners accountable for their learning with a planning sheet to guide students as they conduct a book study with their partners. Includes prompts to share thoughts about the author, "thick" questions, connections, and more. See Full Product Description.

Grade: Kindergarten - 8 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets File Size: 66 KB
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Product Details

Some of the best learning occurs when students can take charge of their own learning. The prompts included in this form inspire just this. Students partner for a book study, and are reminded to practice making predictions, connections, and discussing "thick" questions. Students hold themselves and their partners responsible for preparing for meetings by thinking about discussion points, reading chapters by a certain date, and planning a final book project.

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Teaching Tips

Have students keep this form with their reading notebooks to help prompt them to record talking points, questions, and connections to share during partner meetings.