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Student Hall Passes

These illustrated and fun student hall passes will help you keep track of students when they go to the main office, library, restrooms, and more. It's also a great way for students to be responsible when they are walking around the school. See Full Product Description.

Subject: Classroom Management Grade: PreK - 3 Theme: Back to School, September, Autumn Themes Type: Forms and Record Sheets File Size: 241 KB
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Product Details

Keep track of your students' whereabouts with this cute and useful student passes. They are ideal for building students' sense of responsibility, and are irreplaceable to help you in case of fire drills or other emergencies. Just have students keep these passes on their desks when they leave. Includes three passes for the office, nurse, and library, as well as one blank one for you to customize.

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Teaching Tips

Copy these passes onto heavy paper and laminate, or make several copies and fill them out as needed.