Student Helpers Template

Keep track of classroom helpers with this simple idea. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Classroom Management, New Teacher Resources Grade: PreK - 3 Theme: November, Autumn Themes, Back to School Type: Classroom Management Tools File Size: 193 KB
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Product Details

Keep track of classroom helpers with this simple idea. The template of a boy or girl's head easily slides into a small envelope labeled with a classroom duty. Envelopes are then pinned onto a bulletin board. Each week the jobs can be changed by simply moving the heads. Students' names can be written on the boy's hat or girl's bow.

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Teaching Tips

On the first day of school, give one boy or girl pattern to each child in class. The students can color the pattern and write their name on the hat or bow. Have patterns laminated so they last the entire year. Then label small envelopes with the names