Sunflowers: An Emergent Reader Play

Read the play aloud to your class before they read it on their own. This will help to familiarize children with the play's content and action. Go over vocabulary that might be new to students.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Early Reading Grade: Kindergarten - 1 Theme: Summer Themes, June, July, August Type: Plays and Reader's Theater Author: Carol Pugliano-Martin File Size: 82 KB
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Teaching Tips

To enhance children's play-reading experience, let students don sunflower face masks. Provide children with large yellow paper plates and help them cut out eye and mouth holes. Then hand out unshelled sunflower seeds, glue, and yellow and orange paper. Invite students to glue seeds around the center of the plate, and to glue cutout paper petals around the plate's rim. Show them how to tie the masks on with string. For more fun, invite students to make "bees" out of cotton balls and construction paper scraps. Students can cut out tiny features and glue them onto the cotton balls to make bee faces and antennae. Invite the "sunflowers" to wear their masks during readings of the play, while the "bees" go visiting from flower to flower.