The First Day: Teaching With the Best of Instructor

Take the drama out of those awkward first days of school by having children participate in these super skill-building games and activities that will help them feel recognized and build connections with one another. Provides examples and instructions.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Classroom Management, Number Sense, Motor Skills Grade: 1 - 4 Theme: Back to School, Autumn Themes, August, September Type: Cut and Pastes, Flash Cards File Size: 377 KB
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Teaching Tips

First-Day Drama: Play charades to learn about your students’ interests! Ask each student to write down a few of their favorite hobbies or interests and pass the papers to you. Group children together who share similar interests. Let each group first figure out what they have in common. Then they can work together to figure out how to act out their hobby or interest using only actions and gestures. Encourage students to use complete sentences and classmates’ names (for instance, “Jordan and Jonathon like to play the guitar”) when they make their guesses. —Barbara S., Dutch Neck School, Princeton Junction, NJ