Tricky Spelling Words List

Some words are tricky to spell. Keep this list handy when correcting student work. You might also copy and distribute to students as an instructional aid to use during writing activities. See Full Product Description.

Subject: Classroom Management, Spelling Grade: Kindergarten - 6 Theme: Back to School, September Type: Checklists, Classroom Management Tools File Size: 104 KB
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Product Details

Have you ever written a word—and realize that it just doesn't look right? Some words are tricky to spell. And sometimes we see words spelled so many different ways in students' work, it's easy to get confused.

This list of tricky words—the ones most often misspelled—is a convenient resource for you and your students. Since you can't have a spell check on when looking at work students hand in on paper, keep this list handy for quick and easy reference when reading and correcting student work.

It's also a great resource for students. Make and distribute multiple copies for students to keep in their writing folders, their desks, and at home.

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