Why I Didn't Get My Homework Done: Poem and Graphic Organizer

A hilarious poem entertains and inspires students to think about made-up words. Students will love thinking about ways to make up words in a creative way. Includes detailed teaching suggestions, a graphic organizer for writing new poems and more. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 4 Grade: 1 - 3 Type: Graphic Organizers Author: Betsy Franco File Size: 136 KB
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Product Details

Invite children to recall words they or younger family members may have made up when learning to talk. Explain that although these words (and the words younger siblings or cousins may have used) sound funny to others, they were useful because they truly had meaning. Connect this prior knowledge to the silly nonsense poem, and use it to inspire students to write all-new nonsense poetry. The graphic organizer helps scaffold the lesson, and the detailed plan ensures that you will be well-prepared to teach a great poetry lesson.

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Teaching Tips

Extend use of this poem into word study, phonics, and morning meetings as a fun way to connect silly poems to key skills.