Write On! Language Arts Interactive Bulletin Board

Construction paper borders around write-on/wipe-off boards make it easy to customize these writing spaces—letting you change the focus as often as you wish in a matter of minutes! See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 3 Subject: Writing Grade: Kindergarten - 3 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets Authors: Judy Meagher, Joan Novelli File Size: 197 KB
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Teaching Tips

To make sure each child gets a turn at the writing boards, you may wish to set up a sign-up sheet each week. Try to maintain some flexability, however. A child whose dog just had puppies may need to take a turn out of order on the Special Events board to announce the big news! You can also set up board monitors for the week—students who will be in charge of cleaning the boards each day (or week, depending on how often you rotate stories).